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UK Start Up Visa Consultants

Overview of the UK Start-up Visa

The Startup Visa UK Cost Consultants in Bangalore was designed to support talented overseas individuals to develop their idea for a Startup Business Visa UK.

It is not a requirement to be a graduate or to have available funds in order to apply for this visa.The category is for businesses in an early stage of development that can demonstrate high potential. It is permissible for individuals to have already set up their business, but it should not have commenced trading yet (with some exceptions).

The old Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa has been replaced by the Start-up Visa and the Innovator Visa routes.

The visa can only be issued once and cannot be extended. However, it may be possible for eligible individuals to switch to the Innovator Visa category at the end of the term of the two-year visa.

As a high-value visa, the time spent on this visa can be used towards permanent settlement in the UK. The UK Visa for Business Startup is also known as indefinite leave to remain (ILR).

One of the primary requirements of the Start-Up Visa is that visa applicants must hold an endorsement from an approved endorsing body. Another key requirement is that the idea must demonstrate innovation, viability, and scalability.

For more information on the Start-Up Visa eligibility, application help, and how our immigration lawyers can help you, continue to read on. 

UK Start-up Visa requirements

There are a number of requirements for this route and it is important to ensure that you meet the requirements before submitting an application.

As well as the eligibility criteria outlined already, the endorsement requirement is a primary feature of this visa.

This is the current list of endorsing bodies and one of these must approve your business idea before it can be considered as part of your visa application.

According to the Home Office, organisations have the ability to set their own criteria in relation to what constitutes a genuine original business idea that fulfils new or existing market needs.

If your idea is approved, the endorsing body will issue a letter which can then be submitted with your visa application. The organisation will get in contact with you after six, 12, and 24 months to review your progress according to your business goals.

The requirements by which endorsing bodies will assess your business idea are:

  • The business is innovative, viable, and scalable with the aim of becoming integrated into the UK as a contributing enterprise

  • It is a new business idea (which may or may not already exist/ be registered) which the applicant has started (or joined as an ‘instrumental member’ of the founding team) before it has begun trading


The business may fall under any sector without restriction, but you should have the appropriate knowledge, experience, and market awareness to develop the business.

It is possible for you to continue work with another business outside of the main idea, however the endorsing body must be satisfied you will have an adequate amount of time to develop the business.

Reasons why a Start-up Visa can be refused

  • Not providing the required evidence to meet the requirements of the immigration rules

  • Your application meets the grounds for refusal (e.g., admittance to the UK would be contrary to the public good, a disqualifying criminal record, breach of immigration rules, misleading information on the application, etc.)


Start-up Visas can be complex and it is recommended to work with a dedicated immigration adviser to maximise your chance of a successful application and avoid getting a rejection.

How All Immigration help.

  • Helping creating Business idea 

  • Developing Business paln 

  • Approaching Endorsment Body 

  • Applying Start up visa

  • Finding Investers 

  • Start up incubator program

  • Appling rejected Application 

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