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UK Young Professionals Scheme

The new immigration programme in the United Kingdom will soon be available to qualifying Indians. The nicest aspect is that you can apply without a sponsor or a job offer. Indian nationals with degrees in the age range of 18 to 30 will be permitted to live and work in Britain for up to two years under the Young Professionals Scheme of the United Kingdom. The Young Professionals Scheme between the UK and India will provide 3,000 spots each year. The British High Commission in India stated in a tweet that qualified candidates must express their interest in the Young Professionals Scheme by participating in a ballot between February 28 and March 2.

The ballot will randomly select ballot entrants and if successful, will invite you to submit your visa application. The programme will be reciprocal, also allowing UK professionals in the same position to participate in a professional exchange by living and working in India.


  1. Have been issued with an invitation to apply in accordance with the invitation to apply arrangements.

  2. Have made their application within the period of time specified on that invitation to apply.

  3. Provide the unique application number for that invitation to apply.

  4. Provide a local police certificate or a police clearance certificate that has been issued no more than 6 months before the date of application.

  5. Hold a qualification equal to or above RQF level 6 (Bachelor’s degree or above)

As proof of education, applicants must submit

  1. A copy of the qualification.

  2. Written confirmation from the college or university that the applicant has completed their studies and graduated with the required qualification.

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